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Laser Marking 




Alan Wire provides Laser Wire Marking services for products that we sell. Laser Marking is a perminant nondestructive method of printing Mil-Spec wire and cable. Traditional hot stamping uses ink, heat, and force to create a long lasting mark on the wire's insulation. Hot stamping will deform the insulation producing a degredation of its dielectric properties. In Laser Marking the radiation is absorbed into the surface of the insulation. This energy reacts with the titanium dioxide pigmant causing a shift in the pigmants crystaline structure. This shift alters the reflective properties of the pigmant producing a high contrast mark in the insulation without changing perfomance.

For inquiries about this or other services that we may offer please contact us at 626.480.8891 or email us at alan.wire@alan-wire.com.