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Tape Wrapping




Our state of the art computer controlled tape wrapping line supports our Value Added and Custom Cable Manufacturing services. Alan Wire provides both short run and volume production for our customers. Wire and cable can be produced to customer or military specification.  

Our Value Added and Manufacturing department produces jackets and insulation with the following compounds: 


PTFE - Polytetrafluoroethylene

Upper Service Temperature  

Melting Point 

Specific Gravity 

260  °c (500 ° f)

327  °c (620°f) 







PI - Polyimide

Upper Service Temperature 

Melting Point 

Dielectric Constant 

Specific Gravity 

400  °c (752 ° f) 

266 °c (511°f) 


1.53 - 1.67






For inquiries about this or other services that we may offer please contact us at 626.480.8891 or email us at alan.wire@alan-wire.com.